mp3 Shy – Ray Moon Download

mp3 Shy - Ray Moon Download

Shy – Ray Moon

Ray Moon has returned to bless us with another solid offering in the form of her newest “Shy” single. Once again, you can find young Ray flexing delicate vocals and layered harmonies for an easy listen as she details the apprehension of new love. Equally, she’s provided fans with an accompanying visual for the song. Directed by Christopher Scholar, the cinematic take features Ray playing fairy godmother to a dude down on his luck.

Ray Moon is only the latest talent to take us by surprise in yet another curveball thrown by her Human Re-Sources label, the same enigmatic group behind new powerhouses like Pink Sweat$. If such a track record is our guide, odds are that Ray Moon’s strategic moves don’t stop here. Until the next one, get into “Shy.”

 Lyrics Shy – Ray Moon

I see that you get so shy when I look
I see that you got some time I can book
I see that you are not scared of my love

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