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Big GangstaKevin Gates

 Big Gangsta – Kevin Gates 

While his fans patiently wait on his next project to drop, Gates has blessed them with a new single in reward for their loyalty. Gates dropped off “Big Gangsta,” a new track where he displays his penchant for clever bars and booming choruses. The instrumental is comprised of a soft harp sounding synth and a booming bass, leaving lots of breathing room on the beat for Gates to go off.

Gates’ chorus sounds like something he’s done before, but that doesn’t take away from the catchiness of it. Sing song flows and stop and go structures are methodically managed by Gates on this single, which will be a favorite this upcoming Summer.

Big Gangsta – Kevin Gates Lyrics
Gimme that money ‘lil nigga
you knowin’ that I’ma do right with it
Private charter they snortin that tartar
I got ’em surrounded by white women

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